Couch Surfers

Couch Surfers TechnoTsunami

This robots i talked to you about at previous blog posts must be controlled somehow right. Have they brain with tubes or some bio computers. No it’s much more easy and they are more smarter than that. Because they are controlled by humans. That’s right humans of beautiful earth.

Artdeco Controller

This humans somehow bored from listening radios and watching TV and there is great depression and they are in a very depressive mode. So they wanted to escape from the real life’s problems. What they do. They connect to our beautiful cruise ship Neon Castle via radio waves.

TechnoTsunami Screen4

We can call them Couch Surfers, or Sofa Surfers or just Surfers. This Surfers either control our robots with their state of the art-deco controllers and they can watch what robots see from their TVs or just simply watch what is going on inside the ship as spectators while eating their pop-corns.

Artdeco Controller2