Gameplay of TechnoTsunami

I would like to talk about a bit of TechnoTsunami game.

TechnoTsunami Dining Room

Gameplay of TechnoTsunami is puzzle oriented and includes some classic FPS combat at the moment. I am focusing on puzzles right now but in the future i will probably rework over the combat. For now puzzles are the main priority. They are not that hard but it’s hard enough to give you an aha moment.

Coffee Machine TechnoTsunami

Main objective of the player is collecting items which are coming from the future. Almost all of the objects are behind a puzzle wall. First, You must solve the puzzles and there is a lot of items and puzzles inside the cruise ship. You can sell this items from future and get some currency. With this currency you can upgrade some of your abilities. But right now this mechanic is at a very early stage and it might have been heavily changed in the future if not completely removed.

Punching Bag TechnoTsunami

Also there is a main story it’s not fully shaped yet but i have great ideas about it.